Presents you CRAFT PLAY, a dream that has got its reality only because the owner was determined, so here we are with the finest quality leather journals along with many more products. The mission we are working towards is providing customers the best quality leather products and satisfaction at maximum level. Leather holds natural beauty in itself which gets more admirable with the passage of time. The endurance leather products holds can not be seen in any other material. The raw materials we use are of optimum quality and procured from trusted vendors from the market. The collection of our leather products we showcase have varieties with distinctiveness to each one. Leather products never looks out of fashion, they themselves compliment blending with any attire. To get yourself with best collection of products that empower your personality, CRAFT PLAY is here with more sophisticated, lovable and beauty admirer products standing strong with mission of providing "made in India" goods only. The leather products symbolizes simplicity along with elegance.

We are expertise in manufacturing and supplying leather made journals along with leather bags of different types, wallets, purses, belts, etc.

As diaries are nostalgic possession for most of us having a belongingness in some way to carve thoughts on paper, CRAFT PLAY provides splendid collection of handmade leather diary, having different pattern of locks from one another showcasing vintage pieces. All leather diaries are designed uniquely with distinguishing attributes having marvelous work carved on them representing our culture's essence. Best grade of paper we uses, with so attractive and eye-catching outer covering.

We are driven by a straight forward idea of making your journey memorable. The bags you carry are evident of journeys which must leave a good memory. The luggage must not bother you with the heaviness. They should be large enough to stuff needed thing. We provide leather bags of finest quality with sizes as per demand, only be appreciated and promising durability, all of which concludes to match and maintain your stylish looks too. Leather bags offer numerous advantages along with utilities. CRAFT PLAY has the best and promising leather quality bags which are easy to carry, spacious, and trendy patterns you can't deny to admire. Different types of bags we deal in are - backpacks, handbags, purses, etc. Having a beautiful collection of handbags is every women's dream which upgrades their personal and work life and boosts up their confidence. They give the perfect look of good impression on people around you. Provides you the facility of customization of products also in respect of design, colors, and stylishness. We have a competent and dedicated team of professionals who works sincerely towards providing artistic work and their greater emphasis is on ensuring quality that cannot be compromised at all.

We focus to keep our professionalism always high right from dealing to get the product at your doorstep sound and safe. All of our efforts are for our customers of getting satisfaction at maximum level, which is our pin interest. Our clients are valuable to a great extent to us and their expectations must be fulfilled by us. The happy feedback of customers brings more positivity to our workforce and indulges them to work with more love and hard work. We believe all our efforts right from manufacturing to timely delivery to be according to our commitment as this all drives towards long-term relationships with our valued clients.